Careoptical Dental Surgical Medical Loupes and Lights
By CAREOPTIK | 08 February 2023 | 0 Comments

Careoptical Dental Surgical Medical Loupes and Lights

Care Optical Industrial are professional optical products manufacturer,focusing on producing super quality dental surgical medical loupes and lamps. varioud kinds of magnfiers and saftey goggles and polarized lens etc.

in the past 15 years, we focusing on dental surgical medical loupes and lights. invesing researching, designing dental surgical loupes and lamps. as the fist one manufacturer of custom made TTL dental loupes surgial loupes in China. we keep on improving our loupees designing and quality, in the past tem years, oour custom made TTL loupes sell very well in the market. specially, we are the fist one who can mount the prescription lens on dental surgical medical loupes. 

our dental surgical loupes are super quality with manufacturer direct price, quality warranty, even the custom made TTL loupes also accept exchanging replace. though there are many suppliers try to copy our loupes, but just the apperance may seems same, but the quality is big difference. 

we can ship to worldwide. and special for the custom made TTL loupes, that is free shipping charge. and normally within 305 working days will be shipped out. mounting presceiption lens need more couple of days.

we also make OEM/odm ORDER for some brand. welcome dentist surgeon order direct the loupes and lamps form our new online store:

we also welcom distributor or retail seller contact us,establish good business realtionship. we can supply the distributor price to distributor or retial sellers.

if you have any requirements, please don't contact us via email  [email protected] 

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