custom made TTL dental loupes benifits
By CAREOPTIK | 20 March 2023 | 0 Comments

custom made TTL dental loupes benifits

Custom made TTL loupes offer several benefits over other types of loupes.

Firstly, the integration of the loupes into the lenses of the glasses provides a more comfortable fit and better stability. This is because the loupes are designed to fit the exact specifications of the dentist's eyes and can be adjusted to achieve the optimal alignment.

Secondly, the high level of customization available with custom made TTL loupes allows dentists to choose the level of magnification, working distance, and declination angle that best suits their needs. This means that they can work more comfortably and with greater precision, reducing the risk of errors and improving patient outcomes.

Finally, custom made TTL loupes can also include additional features such as LED lights, which can improve visibility and make it easier to see the area of work.

While custom made TTL loupes may be more expensive than other types of loupes, many dentists find that the benefits they offer are well worth the investment.

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