custom made TTL dental srgical loupes
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custom made TTL dental srgical loupes

Biocular loupes are vry important tools for dentist surgeon or hygiene in medical fileds.some buyers don't know what is TTL loupes, we will explain how to build the TTL loupes.
TTL dental surgical loupes are custom made loupes, it will be built according to buyer's pupil distance, working distance and view angle. also can be mounted prescription lens according to RX.

TTL loupes means through the lens loupes, the loupes barrels go though the eyewear lens (normally, the eyewear is palno lens, if need moount prescription lens, that should go through the prescription lens). at first, engineer will make hols on the eyewear lens according to user's pupil distance. not just simplly make two holes, that also think about the angles, it is complex.need professional technics .

building TTL loupes is not very easy. how to get clear image is the most important issue. so now factory using laser mashine making holes and fixing postions.

 custom made TTL loupes don't need any adjustment parts, so it can be desinging ultra-light, and it also can more closer to eyes, so it can offer more larger fields of view. it is custom made according to uers' data, so don't need adjust any more, when dentist surgeon or hygienist need it, wearing it, that is very easy.  wearing the TTL loupes work long time will not be uncomfortable.

normally, TTL loupes barrels is specal desinging loupes barerls, using high quality medical optics with multi-coating lens, loupes barrels using ABS or AL, Custom made TTL dental surgical loupes are higher cost than Flip Up normal loupes.

now in the market, thre are many brands of TTL loupes, acctually, some brands are OEM order, order dorect from , you can get firat hand price with manufacturer price. quality warranty, 

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