dental loupes dental magnifying glasses
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dental loupes dental magnifying glasses

dentists or hrgienists normally will wear binocular loupe glasses since they need both hands free when performing dental procedures. The magnification helps with accurate diagnoses of oral conditions and enhances surgical precision when completing treatment. Additionally, loupes can improve dentists' posture which can decrease occupational strain.
Some dental loupes are flip-type, which take the form of two small cylinders, one in front of each lens of the glasses. flip up style can be adsjutable fully according to users. flip up style loupes can be adsjutable for the view angle, pupil dsitance etc. 
some dental loupes are TTL styl. TTL means THROURH THE LENS LOUPES, the loupes barrel goes through the eyewear demo lens, so it is don't need adjustment parts, it is more lighter weight than flip up style. and it is much closer to eyes, so can offer more wider filed of views. we also calls the TTL loupes is custom made loupes, mounting the loupes barrels according to user's pupil distacen, view angle and working dsiance, so don't need adjust any more. custom made TTL loupes cost is higher than flip up style. it is also the popular for dentist,surgeon,hygienists. 
some dental loupes are heaband style, its dscription is not too much difference as flip up loupes, just mount the loupes on a headband not on eyewear. special for prismatic optics loupes, headband style will be better, because prismatic optics system loupes using more pieces optics lens, the weight is a bit heavier, using headbang style will be better for long time working,  flip up eyewear style will be press nose and ears. 
some dental loupes are clip on style, that is with special desinging clip parts which can be attached on various kinds of eyewear, clip on style loupes are economic style loupes, that is mainly for dental students ,dental practise.

Though there are many style and apperance of the dental loupes, but accutually, loupes optics quality is most important, using high quality optics material, high quality loupes lens with coating. careoptical are professional dental loupes supplier for more than 15 years. 


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