The basically professional terms of the surgical loupe system
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The basically professional terms of the surgical loupe system

The basically professional terms of the surgical loupe system from
 CARE OPTICAL INDUSTRIAL CO. is the professional manufacturer for all kinds of optical products such as surgical loupes and surgical headlights. Their high quality surgical loupes have been accepted and praised by most of their clients from all over the world. Today, the professional insider from would let people know some professional terms of their surgical and dental loupes.
There are many kinds of professional terms for dental loupes from
The first term is the magnification which means how much the loupe could magnify objects. The most commonly magnification could be ranged from 2 to 8 times. When people are selecting the zooming level of the dental loupes, it recommended that they should choose the suitable surgical loupes which can enable them to effectively work and wear them comfortable. Please pay more attention to this point when people are in purchasing of the surgical loupes.  
The second professional terms of the dental loupes from should be the working Distance. The working distance is not single and perfect. However, the ideal working distance of the surgical loupe should be depended on the individual character. Therefore, the ideal working distance of the surgical loupes should be reasonable working distance which could fit with people’s ergonomics. The non-properly will cause eye fatigue and soreness in people’s back.  
The Depth of Field is another crucial term of the surgical loupe. The depth of field refers to the range which could be clearly seen through the lens system of the surgical loupes. It is the function which be consisted of the magnification, reflectivity and the illumination. Simply speaking, when other condition is constant, the lower the magnification, the greater the depth of field will become.  
The reflectance is also very important for the surgical loupe. When it has been given the same magnification and light, it could be that the lower the reflectivity is the more accuracy of the vision and the depth of field. This feature is mainly completed by the antireflective film of the dental loupe  
The field of view is related to all of sight field which people can see through the lens. The greater the field of viewing, people can move their eyes freely in the viewing arrange. The size of the field could be determined by the magnification, the distance between eye and lens and the size of surgical magnifying glass system of the surgical magnification system.
All of these professional terms are the basically terms of the surgical loupes from . If people want to know more about this information, please browse the website before.

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