Welfare of Buyer
By CAREOPTIK | 22 March 2023 | 0 Comments

Welfare of Buyer

we promise giving welfare to buyer as below:

1) once you register in our website, you can get USD10.00 discount cash. when you order items from opticvs-world.com. you can get USD10.00 Discount.

2) after you order items sucessfully. when you receive your order, if you siatisifed with the items, you can leve poistive feeback in our wesbite with pictures. we will refund you USD15.00 as welfare. rember. the feedback must show pictures of the received items with positive feedback.

3) you had purchased from our website. and then you introduce our website to your colleagues or friemds, and your colleagues or friends also order sucessfully from our webiste, just contact us [email protected] , leave your friends/colleagues name and country. we will check that, if that is correct. you can get USD25.00 BOURNS from us. Bourns Will pay via Paypal. our online team will contact you soon and send your Bouns Aamount.


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