Portable dental surgical medical lamps CHL-JCM08P-CP

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super high quality dental surgical medical lamps, super high brightness, small light designing, larger powr capacity
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  • dental surgical lamps CHL-JCM08P-CP
  • dental surgical lamps CHL-JCM08P-CP
  • dental surgical lamps CHL-JCM08P-CP
  • dental surgical lamps CHL-JCM08P-CP
  • dental surgical lamps CHL-JCM08P-CP
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super quality dental surgical lamps medical lights CHL-JCM08P-CP
Portable dental surgical medical lamps CHL-JCM08C-CP,Super brightness, lighter weight desnigng, pure wihte with organic filter.
Small and light designing LED lights, different attached parts, it can be attached on medical loupes, eyewear, goggles, headband with different attached parts.
Product model:CHL-JCM08C-CP
Color temperature:6000-6500k white light / 4000-45000k yellow light (with yellow filter)
Illuminance parameters:
 Spot size    Brightness   Distance
 4.5cm             95000lux     @20cm
 7.0cm             50000lux     @30cm
 10.5cm           40000ux     @40cm
Weight:  9g
Light size:   3.3cm      legnth  dia: 1.7cm
Cable length: 150cm
buble lifetime: 50000 hours
pure white color , brightness adjustable, clerity sharp edge light spots.
Battery packing: 
Continue working 10 hours with highest brightness
Mirco usb recharge connector
Battery capacity : 8000mha
Brightness adjustable
Charging time: 4 hours
      Power capacity:                  8000mAH                               
      Usage time:                        4Hours                                     
      Charging interface:            Type-c Connector                          
      Charging time:                   4Hours     
      Power  indicate :                   Yes
 Battery packing with leather bag and clips, it can be attached on belts.

packing including: 
LED lights with cord
Battery Packing
wall plug adaptor (supply different adaptor for different countries)
accessories kits (including attached parts)
organic fliter
USB cord

5.0 85 Reviews
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