Headbnd Prismatic dental surgical loupes 3.0x -8.0X with LED light - H60 Series

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Elevate your dental and surgical precision with our Premium Prismatic Dental Surgical Loupes from the H60 Series. These loupes offer exceptional magnification, enhanced visibility, and integrated LED lighting, ensuring optimal performance for medical professionals.
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  • Headbnd Prismatic dental surgical loupes 3.0x -8.0X with LED light H60
  • Headbnd Prismatic dental surgical loupes 3.0x -8.0X with LED light H60
  • Headbnd Prismatic dental surgical loupes 3.0x -8.0X with LED light H60
  • Headbnd Prismatic dental surgical loupes 3.0x -8.0X with LED light H60
  • Headbnd Prismatic dental surgical loupes 3.0x -8.0X with LED light H60
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Enhance Your Precision with H60 Series Dental Surgical Loupes

Our headband Prismatic dental surgical loupes in the 3.0X - 8.0X range are widely trusted in various medical fields, including dentistry, Stomatology, ENT, general surgery, neurosurgery, cardiovascular, cosmetology, plastic surgery, and veterinary medicine. They are essential magnification tools for dentists, surgeons, and hygiene professionals, aiding in precise examinations, treatments, and operations.

Crystal-Clear Optics

Our prismatic loupes offer crystal-clear optics, providing bright and distortion-free images, even at high magnification levels.

Adjustable Magnification

Choose from a range of magnification options, from 3.0x to 8.0x, to suit your specific needs and procedures. Experience detailed, close-up views with ease.

Integrated LED Light

Illuminate your work with the integrated LED light, ensuring accurate and well-lit visuals during dental and surgical procedures.

Comfort and Durability

The ergonomic design and lightweight construction of our loupes guarantee comfort during extended wear, without compromising stability or performance.

Wide Field of View

Enjoy a wide field of view, allowing you to focus on your work with minimal adjustments, reducing eye strain and enhancing productivity.

Quality Assurance

Our H60 Series Loupes undergo rigorous quality control to meet and exceed industry standards. Trust in the quality and reliability of our products.

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  • Razor-Sharp Clarity: Our prismatic optics system ensures razor-sharp, edge-to-edge clarity for precise visualization during dental and surgical procedures.

  • High-Resolution Optics: Experience extremely high-resolution optics that provide clear and detailed images, allowing for accurate work.

  • Lightweight Design: The headband-style design offers a lightweight and comfortable fit for extended use.

  • Anti-Glare, Anti-Fog, and Scratch-Resistance: Multi-coated lenses resist glare, fog, and scratches, ensuring optimal visibility in various conditions.

  • Direct Manufacturer Pricing: Benefit from manufacturer-direct pricing, ensuring affordability without compromising quality.


  • Prismatic Optics: The prism system delivers a clear image with a wider field of view and maximum magnification, enhancing your precision.

  • Comfortable View Angle: The camber hinge design offers a comfortable viewing angle, reducing strain during procedures.

  • Flip-Up Design: Flip-up dental and surgical loupes provide ease of use and multifunctional capabilities, offering a variety of magnifications and working distances.

  • Adjustable Angle and Pupil Distance: The view angle and pupil distance are adjustable, allowing for a personalized and comfortable fit.

  • Compatible with Glasses: The headband style accommodates users wearing their own glasses, ensuring versatility.

Packing includes (accessory)
- Surgical loupes
- Leather bag
- Head Band
- Micro-fiber Cloth
- Protective lens cover
- Easy Light LED Headlight
- Battery Pack
- Battery Adapter with wall plug
- Accessory Kit
- User manual

 Why Choose CareOptik

Over 20 years in optics, specializing in dental and surgical loupes, LED headlights, and magnifiers.

Our "quality first" approach ensures each product meets high standards, backed by advanced production and strict quality control.

We offer customizable options for a perfect fit and precise magnification, catering to diverse professional needs.

Global Service
With a worldwide customer base, we guarantee fast delivery and exceptional service from our Hong Kong and Shenzhen centers.

Customer Focus
Our commitment to customer satisfaction drives continuous product innovation and value.

Experience the CareOptik difference
Quality, innovation, and service tailored to your optical needs.


Who are we?
CareOptik is a trusted provider of high-quality optical solutions, specializing in dental and surgical loupes, LED headlights, and magnifiers.

How can we guarantee quality?
Quality is ensured through strict manufacturing standards, extensive experience, and customer feedback.

What can you buy from us?
You can purchase optical products like the CKD203AY-8 Headband LED Dental Surgical Light, dental and surgical loupes, LED headlights, and magnifiers.

Why should you buy from us and not from other suppliers?
Choose CareOptik for quality, precision, customization, exceptional service, and worldwide delivery.

What services can we provide?
We offer product customization, excellent customer service, and fast, reliable global delivery.

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